Control and monitor your UNISWAP portfolio in one place
What is UniGraph?
UniGraph is a set of tools created for serious users of decentralized exchanges. UniGraph compiles and gives insights into blockchain data, and aids you in making better trading decisions. One of the planned features of UniGraph will allow for more fine-grained control over your trading activities, provinding you access to smart contracts,thus adding functionality to trading on decentralized exchanges. Other planned features include automated alerts, programmable stop losses and profit taking, leverage trading, and more...
UniGraph's mission is to bridge the analytics and user experience gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges.
What do I need to use UniGraph?
The basic features of UniGraph are free, as a showcase for the capabilities of the UniGraph platform. The premium and pro features are reserved for holders of GRAPH tokens. Any wallet with 1/1000 of the circulating GRAPH supply held inside the UNISWAP liquidity pool will have access to all of UniGraph’s premium features. For very serious traders or teams utilizing an unlimited number of wallets, pro access will require 5/1000 of the circulating supply to be locked up.
Is the UniGraph platform currently in active development?
Yes. You can see UniGraph's team progress daily, with our public Trello board Yes. You can see the UniGraph team’s progress daily on our public Trello board. We welcome feedback or suggestions for any features that conform to our mission to “bridge the analytics and user experience gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges.” Because of the uncertainty of market needs, the UniGraph team reserves the right to cancel or stop development on any planned features for any reason.
What are GRAPH coins?
GRAPH tokens are a "ticket" to the UniGraph platform. They are a filter that allows access to only serious traders who can actually benefit from the features. Saving bandwidth on our dApp and gas on Ethereum (which is a needed for meta-smarts contracts that provide stop losses, etc.). GRAPH tokens are not meant and should never be used as a vehicle for speculation on the success of the GRAPH dApp. GRAPH tokens exist on theEthereum blockchain and are not controlled by the development team.
How do GRAPH coins work?
GRAPH tokens are very different from other Ethereum based coins. Each GRAPH token represents a part ownership of the total GRAPH supply. This means GRAPH token holdings cannot be diluted and will fluctuate along with the circulating supply. If the supply goes up, your holdings will also go up. This functionality was created to allow the UniGraph team to set an entry price for premium and pro memberships while not diluting any holder’s share of total GRAPH supply. Smart contract code is publicly available on the Ethereum blockchain and can't be altered.
How do GRAPH developers get paid?
Each day 1% of the pool of GRAPH tokens inside the liquidity pool get removed and sent to an outside wallet. This has the effect of charging an ongoing fee to use UniGraph’s tools and cements UniGraph as the first dApp-as-a-Service platform (DaaS). We came to the conclusion that this is the best solution to cover ongoing maintenance and development costs, thus avoiding percentage-based fees inside meta-smart contracts, which would dissuade big players from being interested in UniGraph.